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Fire Suppression Services in Albemarle, NC

Fire is often an unexpected and disastrous occurrence for any business. If you’re worried about fire damaging your business and investments, turn to All American Fire, Inc. in Albemarle, NC. Serving the whole state of North Carolina since 1984, we’ll work with your company to find the best fire prevention and fire protection products and services for your needs. 

Fire Suppression Services

We’re certified by many classic fire suppression service and equipment manufacturers, such as:

  • Buckeye Fire Equipment
  • Kitchen Mister
  • Pyro-Chem®
  • Pro Text
  • Monarch Suppression Systems

All American Fire is completely prepared to help you make a comprehensive plan for fire protection and fire suppression, no matter your building or industry. Whether it be through fire-retardant surfaces throughout your building or the purposeful placing of fire extinguishers in your ceiling, we’re ready to help you prepare for the worst. 

Fire Equipment Installations

All American Fire works with many of the top fire protection brands so we can install them in your business for an affordable price. We’ll help you find the best fire protection equipment for your needs and install them, whether it be a kitchen fire hood, an overhead sprinkler system, or other classic solutions. 

Different Fire Extinguishers

Fire Equipment Repairs

Does your company have an installed fire protection solution that’s malfunctioning? Call All American Fire, and we’ll be there to help in no time. Our emergency fire equipment repairs are available 24/7, allowing you to rest easy knowing you always have fire professionals in your corner. 

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When you’re shopping for new fire prevention solutions for your company, turn to the company that has been at it since 1984: All American Fire. We can’t wait to help you with all of your fire-related needs, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Call us today to tell us about your business, your specific needs, and to get an estimate!

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